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Tarot and oracle card reading

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Would you like to have the support of your guides about life situations (love, work, family, money...)? Tarot and oracle cards reading is an excellent tool to assist you in your questioning.

Be aware that cards will very rarely give you a direct yes or no answer, but they can give you a fresh perspective on a situation.

A reading lasts between 25 and 45 minutes and I will try to cover as many questions as I can, but cannot guaranty I will cover them all.

Here are a few examples of reading idea that might be of interest to you:

  • Reading for the year, quarter, month or week
  • Need some clarity about a situation at work, in love, friendship or a particular project.
  • You would like to know what energies surround and support you, at the moment

How does it work:

When you purchase a card reading session, you will receive an automated email that will allow you to choose the time slot for me to conduct the reading. Please note that you will not need to be available during this time since I will be recording the audio of this reading Once the session is completed, I will send you this audio with a detailed email of the session and the image of the cards reading.

You can purchase a subscriptions if you would like to have quarterly or monthly readings.

In accordance with the regulations in place in several countries, I have to inform you that you agree to receive a card reading from Catherine Grégoire with the understanding that it is given for spiritual and/or entertainment purposes only. The accuracy of any reading cannot be guaranteed. All information is for informational purposes only and is subject to your personal interpretation. Any decision or choice you make based on this information is your sole personal and legal responsibility. If you require specific legal, financial, medical or other advice, you should seek the advice of an appropriate licensed professional.

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