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Metatron Colour Healing™

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"Color Therapy with Metatron is a method of assistance that channels the energy of the Archangel Metatron using color and light to restore, replenish and enhance the whole body matrix consisting of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body. This is done by working through the energy system of the chakras, which in turn disperses the energy whenever it is needed. This energy is intelligent and knows where it needs to go to help your bodies". - by Amanda Ellis, creator of this method.

What you need to have for this method :

  •    To be open-minded and honest
  •    Take full responsibility for what happens in your life.
  •    Relax and let yourself be in control of everything
  •    Know that you should only work on the things you are willing to work on.

Each session may be different.

A session lasts about 90 minutes and includes a preliminary discussion and feedback via email afterwards.

Here are the topics you may want to work on:

  • Rebalancing the chakras with a sound color bath
  • Session on the energy of the elements (water, air, fire, earth, cosmos)
  • Cutting an energy cord or reinforcing an energy cord
  • Past Lives Session
  • Session on your ancestral lineage
  • Activation of the light body

Who is the Archangel Metatron?

Metatron is the Archangel who governs all the other Archangels and Angels.

Known as the "great orchestrator" of the universe, he is the guardian of the Akashic records. Represented as being very tall with wings as far as the eye can see, he is connected to the orange light and is often associated with the number 11.

Why use colour therapy?

This tool is there to promote harmony and balance between body, mind and soul. It takes into account the whole person.

I use colour therapy with Amanda Ellis' technique to balance energy, help creativity and improve your well-being. It is an excellent therapy that complements other treatment methods.

It is considered a vibrational therapy. Like sounds and scents, colours are vibrations. By working with the vibrations of colours, we can work together to help all your bodies reconnect and balance to life energy.

I use multiple techniques with colour therapy, such as the use of colour silk scarves, coloured light, crystals, Amanda's sprays and crystal singing bowls. We can also work together on meditation, colour visualisation and colour breathing. As colours, sounds and aromas are linked to the subconscious, I like to use them all together as a tool for well-being.